Operating System Updates at LPG from 2024-02-28 09:30 CEST to 2024-02-28 21:00 CEST

Scheduled maintenance General Cloud Control Panel & API Region LPG (Lupfig, AG, Switzerland) Linux Cloud Servers (LPG1)
2024-02-28 09:30 CEST · 11 hours, 30 minutes



Maintenance Work
We will update the operating system on our OpenStack control nodes in the LPG (Lupfig) region. Our Cloud Control Panel and API will remain active during this maintenance work.

Expected Impact
While in maintenance, the performance of the Cloud Control Panel and API may be degraded, and during short periods of time it may not be possible to make any changes (for each case, we measured around 5 minutes in our lab). Already running virtual servers, and operations in the RMA (Rümlang) region, will not be affected by this work.

Please also note that during the following days (between 2024-02-29 and 2024-03-10), within the timeframes of 10:00 to 18:00 CET, we will update the operating system on our cloud compute nodes in the LPG (Lupfig) region. All running virtual servers will be live-migrated to other compute nodes at least once in this process. During this standard procedure, server operation may be paused and/or packet loss may occur for a few seconds (at most up to 60 seconds).

February 14, 2024 · 09:37 CEST

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